Cloud9’s fall from grace

Credit: Riot esports

Week 5 of the NA LCS has concluded. With results that surprised everyone (maybe for a select few which aren't brave enough to admit), compiling this week’s “power rankings” is a lot more difficult than before. Is TSM the current front runner? What about Dignitas with their 2–0 week? While all are intriguing scenarios, the most intriguing is the Cloud9 story.

NA LCS spring 2017 has kicked off with a ‘Giant’s showdown’; Cloud9 vs TSM. From that day forward, Cloud9 have shown how far their play is above everyone else and for the first 4 weeks, they have indisputably, shown their dominance on the rift. If it’s not TSM, maybe it’s the new Korean imports from Dignitas. If it’s not Dignitas, maybe it’s the synergy of CLG, and yet none of them proved true.

Cloud9 seemed to have it all: outstanding top, mechanically gifted mid, solid AD; they ticked every box. That was of course until the week 5.

C9 JENSEN AND SNEAKY. Credit Riot esports

Week 5 was always going to be a tough week for the team. Facing TSM (which seem to be improving with every game) and a solid P1. Much like last week against FLYQUEST, these teams were always going to test how well does C9 really play; however no-one really expected the 0–2 week. So now, after their losses, the end has happened; according to the internet threads.

Just a quick look at Reddit or any form of League related commentary and you would be bombarded with:

“Jensen doesn't have the synergy with his jungler”.
“Contractz isn't even that good”

I’d like to make this a PSA: “Cloud9 is still the top team. They aren’t falling apart. “

Sure, a winless week is nothing to get excited about, however it’s not a call for desperation either. Week 5 was played on 7.3, a patch where the OPs (LeBlanc, Rengar, Camile) saw much more play. A patch where Rumble also saw some love. The professional scene played very differently this week and C9 was just a little slower to adapt. All the players have the same mechanical abilities, the same shot calling. Please give them time.

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