Get Vlokd Up with Vlokr Pre-sale and Launchpad Party — June 1!

Vlokr Official
3 min readJun 1, 2022


Since the launch of Vlokr programs and publicity campaigns, you have stuck with us as a Vlokr community. We are excited to finally announce that the Vlokr Pinksale Launchpad is officially launching today.. This launch will mark the beginning of non-centralized social media where censorship, creator exploitation and data mining will be eliminated. You can be a part of this groundbreaking innovation!

$Vlokr x PinkSale — Why you should not miss this Presale

The Vlokr AMA engagement has been magnificent. From content creators to artists in the social media community, we have seen great interest and excitement about the Vlokr project. Following the publicity we have gathered in the past few weeks, we are excited to conduct a launchpad party and a token pre-sale for our Vlokr product.

You should expect exclusive giveaways, swag packs and AMA rewards coming up! This pre-sale will be held on PinkSale from June 1 to June 8th 2022. Accompanied by a week long launchpad party filled with exclusive AMAs and giveaways. The best part is that there is a bounty campaign that starts for the best influencer post after the sale ends.

Our launch events are exciting opportunities for creators, influencers and social media users to join the Vlokr wave. Join our Twitter, Reddit, Discord and Telegram communities where you get a chance to win some cool prizes from our giveaways ($200, swag, etc)!

Like you, we are thrilled about the progress of the Vlokr project! We look forward to hosting you at the pre-sale.

All You Need to Know About Vlokr Pre-Sale Launch

Vlokr is a blockchain-based social media platform. What sets it apart is that, unlike traditional social media platforms, Vlokr implements measures to prevent arbitrary censorship or data privacy breaches. These measures include using a voting system to determine contents that get censored and adopting a public login key to prevent the collection of users’ data. This ground-breaking invention supports the VTV token, which users can buy to get voting power (VP) on the platform. The voting power enables users to promote videos. What is more interesting is the VTV token is a safe investment and can be used on other crypto exchanges.

The smart contract protocols have been duly certified as safe by Contract Checker. Since Vlokr was built, we have launched many exciting programs leading up to the main release of our innovative product.

Some of the upcoming programs will included a bounty program where creators act as beta testers to determine the viability of our app. Yesterday, we conducted the first round of our AMA rewards. More rewards are in store for creators and users in the coming weeks.

You can join our discord and Telegram communities to stand a chance to win giveaway prizes. Read more about us from our whitepaper.