A (very) little reminder to be proactive

Be proactive, rather than reactive. Reactive response comes from an emotional voice of reason. Reactive responses can include, but are not limited to feeling sorry for oneself, being personally offended by other’s thoughts, feeling irritated by something someone says and the need to respond to that thing in a defensive way.

Emotional reaction does not follow rational reasoning and thus will only hold you back. It’s important to be strong and see through emotions, to arrive at a space of understanding. Being rational and proactive stimulates positive growth of yourself and those around you.

Try seeing things from the other person’s point of view. Be humble enough to realise that you are only one person in a conversation. A great way to reason here is this: the best idea needs to win. Drop your ego and be so proactive that you actually care more about the truth or conclusion of an argument than feeding your ego.

Overcome emotional reasoning by being proactive. You have the power. It’s your choice.