Those Who Don’t Believe In Magic, Should Give Paolo Nutini a Listen.

I have been slightly obsessed with Paolo Nutini ever since I watched him perform live at the Kirstenbosch gardens a little over a month ago. Now I know this sounds strange coming from someone like me, who condemns this seeming obsession over nothing. But this thought led me to an eye opening realisation. Something I, ashamed to admit, am hugely guilty of. We are very quick to judge and thus ridicule people when they do something that we don’t understand.

Now the reason (the most common reason) we ridicule people for their actions is, because, we do not understand them. We don’t take a step back to see the world through their eyes. A very insightful musician, Bob Dylan, once sang: “Don’t criticize what you can’t understand”. I could not agree more with this statement. To criticize someone, without stepping away from our personal point of view, is small minded to say the least. In a world rich with growth and progress, it is a very irresponsible way of thinking.

So, this being said, take a step back and delve with me, into my experience.

I am [now] ashamed to say that I hardly knew any of Paolo’s songs. Since he does a slightly different take on each song, when singing live, I was kind of lost throughout the gig, but it truly didn’t matter. I could stand there and watch that man sing for the rest of my insignificant little life.

I felt small after that concert, very small. You see, when one comes across someone as brilliant as Paolo it is great. You are hugely inspired and driven to get to that same level of brilliance. When you realise, however, that you are only five years younger than this magnitude of a man, it really sizes you up. You realise how much more you could, in fact, be doing with your time. It was another eye opener.

It was a very delicate mixture of fine traits that triggered my obscene adoration for this man, this artist, this artwork. His flawless charm, his incredible voice and his brutal honest performance is what lured me in.

I am usually very confused when any straight guy friend of mine mentions that another guy is good looking. I am horrible at judging guys on their looks. Now Paolo Nutini is a whole another case. This man is ridiculously good looking. And in live concert, he really makes it work for him. His stylish pearl snap denim shirt, plain dark jeans and possibly the nicest boots I’ve ever laid eyes upon worked perfectly with his scruffy hair, stylish short trimmed beard and seemingly perfect amount of chest hair. His fine golden chain, slick rings and perfect smile finished off his flawless look. No wonder he won “Style Icon of the Year” at the 2010 Scottish Fashion Awards.

Now I know your thinking “Fuck, is Vlooi gay?” Don’t worry, I asked myself the same question. No, no I am not. It’s not that I am in any way attracted to Paolo, It’s much deeper than that. I admire him. I appreciate him. I am greatly inspired by him. He is my alter ego.

The venue, being in the Kirstenboch Gardens, and the beautiful weather of the night, further fed the magic of this truly magical experience. Then there was this moment, as the show was coming to an end. It was one of those unforgettable moments. It felt as if a higher spirit had come to place the cherry on the cake, as a blanket of cool mist came rolling over the crowd onto the stage. It was magic.

Another great factor to the beauty of Paolo’s music, could very easily go unnoticed; his background band, made up of brilliant musicians. Man those three men on the brass instruments are great. Dubbed by Paolo as the “Horns of Thunder”, the trio, made up of: Gavin Fitzjohn (Trumpet, Saxophone), Ben Edwards (trumpet, flugelhorn) and Tom Pinder (trombone, sousaphone), really brings out the funk in the music. The rest of the band is fantastic. Each member fills a very important role. On guitar and backing vocals was Donny Little. On bass and keyboard was Michael McDaid. On drums was Seamus Simon and on guitars, keyboard and also backing vocals, as well as percussion was Dave Nelson.

After the concert, as one could imagine, I started listening to a lot more of Paolo’s music. I absolutely love almost every song I have heard him sing. I watched numerous interviews on Youtube. He is a very interesting and insightful individual. There is a hell of a lot to learn from Mr Nutini. His soothingly Scottish voice, together with his attempt to create perfection in his music, makes for absolute magic.

Here are another couple of thousand words, spoken by my Canon T70 film camera.

And a little bit of a high
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