Zero Rated Data is not Net-Neutrality violated. Period.

Over the last few days many articles with judgements on Net-Neutrality and Zero-Rated-Data have emerged online.

Some ‘pundits’, without much thought, have voiced opinions that Zero-Rated-Data violates the basic principles of Net-Neutrality. Even more shocking is that this misguided notion is currently receiving endorsement from knowledgeable telecom industry commentators.

And while the discussion on Net-Neutrality is a very important one for us to have, it’s time to set the record straight on Zero-Rated-Data because, Carefully crafted Zero Rating services adhere to the spirit of Net-Neutrality.

The premise of Net-Neutrality is that all data on the internet should be treated equally. The premise of Zero-Rating is that it reduces the consumer cost of Internet access so that more people can access services on the internet. While the price the end-consumers pay for bandwidth is decreasing, It won’t ever be Zero. Either you (consumer) experience trickery or you have compromised on quality.

Mavin, Inc., offers a solution exactly for that. Through our solution, companies pitch their products and services to you, and you get to choose those that best match your needs. In return, you are the customer that the companies have earned by covering for your data usage charges, that you would have paid otherwise to try their content. It is analogous to giving you a coupon for using a product or a service, free of charge. The product gets your valuable time and you get content to consider.

There is nothing beyond this to our solution, Zero-Rated-Data. No hidden agenda, no concealed fees, No intent to fool you or kill a competitor and anyone can choose to use Mavin. In the last few years of my time studying emerging market, or for that matter, the common-internet-user anywhere, I have found that the user is willing to participate in such a deal, as long as it is fair and square. Zero-Rated-Data is aimed at end-users who prefer no deception and the companies that want to gain end-user’s trust and loyalty and that cannot be possible without staying sincere.

For a while, the mobile app industry has been in a phase, where acquiring a user amounts to everything a company needs. Some companies have used trickery or other such unethical ways to acquire a customer base. Zero-Rated-Data offers a deception-free-platform to companies which want to offer high quality service or content to build an ever-lasting relationship with their user.

The correctly implemented Zero-Rated-Data as a concept helps us build a better future by offering “Mobile Internet for all.”

If you want to protect Net-Neutrality in India, go ahead sign this petition now. I have.