I don’t understand how him rapping about his preferences is considered harmful to women?

Thanks for reading and commenting Jordan. I can see that a lot of people (of all types) didn’t really get it. I do think St8tOutaMisogynoir hit the nail on the head that you have to understand it in the context of a general way that a lot of BM address their issues with BW. I guess I’m asking BM to really look at their approach in ‘standing up’ for BW. What BM have to deal with a lot from my POV is rejection. This is the elephant in the room. Why don’t BM address why they are rejecting BW so much — why make the rejection our problem? Why make the way we wear our hair the problem? As an isolated comment it would bother me but it is part of a series of damaging micro-aggressions and fallacies being peddled against us. Do you think BW haven’t tried to wear their hair natural? Do you think that for myself being natural, I haven’t had to deal with a negative BM (and female) response to my hair? Do you know how many women call me brave for being natural because they know how difficult it is. Kendrick has not been with a woman with a Richard Pryor afro for ten years. Where’s the authenticity then in saying that’s what he would prefer? If you say why did it bother me so much — it didn’t just bother me. I tweeted my support for someone else’s thread. My question is why did two BW speaking out bother Twitter so much?

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