Liderazgo latino en el cambio climático y el camino adelante

Por Adrianna Quintero

Esta semana, el mundo se reune en San Francisco para la Cumbre Mundial de Acción Climática (GCAS) para demostrar que, a pesar de las acciones tomadas por la administración Trump para deshacer el progreso medioambiental, el mundo sigue comprometido con un progreso significativo hacia la acción climática.

GCAS reune a representantes nacionales, internacionales y locales, empresarios, inversionistas, científicos, estudiantes, organizaciones sin fines de lucro y más para — como lo han puesto los organizadores — “llevar la ambición al siguiente nivel”. Esta representación por todos los sectores…

By Dafnne Wejebe Iberri.

Our oceans have become a huge waste bin. Plastic pollution in our oceans is a serious problem that many have been fighting to stop for years now. Plastics in our oceans affect all marine life: from animals getting straws stuck in their noses or mouths to fish and other marine life ending up tangled in plastic or fishing nets where they will likely die.

One of the few places where plastic pollution had not yet become an issue was the Arctic Ocean. Sadly, now the Arctic is also seeing a huge influx of plastic waste.


Por Dafnne Wejebe Iberri

Alejandro Falco es un diseñador gráfico nacido en Cuba, el cual ha realizado trabajos impresionantes que son parte de nuestra acción contra el cambio climático. Las imágenes, colores, mensajes, y formas que los ojos experimentan, son sin duda creadores de sentimientos en los seres humanos, sentimientos que definen en gran parte las acciones llevadas a cabo después del encuentro con determinada imagen.

No es fácil llegar a las fibras de las personas, se necesita mucho talento, imaginación, y la gran capacidad de realizar las perfectas combinaciones de todos los elementos en una imagen, Alejandro Falco tiene…

An achievable resolution that could change your life, and have an impact on your community, and our planet.

By Daniela Salazar

Lauren Singer’s resolution is to live a zero waste life in New York City. This will be her fourth year living a zero waste life — yes, for the last four years, all the trash and waste Lauren produced could fit in one Mason jar.

How do I define ZERO WASTE? To me, Zero Waste means that I do not produce any garbage. No sending anything to landfill, no throwing anything in a trash can, nothing. However, I do recycle and I do compost. — Lauren Singer

Like her, many people, businesses and families have adopted lifestyles and practices like this. How hard is it? …

By Daniela Salazar

“There’s no street, hood, or people that won’t benefit from a green tomorrow.”

Tem Blessed was born in West Africa and came to New Bedford, MA when he was just a few years old. Ever since, hip-hop has been part of Tem’s life, a way to inspire generations with more than just a great sound. His songs are powerful, socially conscious messages ranging from conservation, to climate change, green jobs, and the depletion of the bee population. Tem’s ability to inspire younger generations has taken him from city-wide earth day festivals, to more intimate settings including classrooms…

We need to elevate our voices for our generation, our families around the world, our children, our health, our future.

By Daniela Salazar

Hurricane Matthew broke flooding records last week, leaving death and destruction in the southeast coast of the U.S . making clear the amplification effects of climate change. Meanwhile, there are over 56 million Latinos living in the U.S. — 19 percent of whom live in Florida — and nine out of ten of them want climate action. In fact, Latino support for climate action is second only to immigration reform.

Infographic from NRDC & Voces Verdes report: Nuestro Futuro: Climate Change and U.S. Latinos

Climate change is changing the weather, and…

We can avoid a 0.5 Celsius increase global temperature by agreeing to an ambitious Montreal Protocol amendment this week

By Daniela Salazar

Latest updates from Kigali, Rwanda and the Montreal Protocol negotiations from the NRDC:

Kigali HFC Update #1: Why We Must Freeze and Phase Down ASAP

Kigali HFC Update #2: Ambition Hangs in the Balance

Kigali HFC Update #3: Seven Billion Tons on the Table

Urgency and Flexibility To Save Our One Planet

105 countries send a clear signal that they want a strong agreement to significantly cut future HFC growth this year — JAKE SCHMIDT, Director, International program NRDC.

HFCs are a hot topic, not only because they have a global warming potential 10 times higher than CO2, but also because during October 8–14 nearly…

Interview by Andrea Becerra & Daniela Salazar

Danny Cardona was born in Colombia and moved to the U.S. more than 10 years ago. She is the General Manager at Super Pollo, a Peruvian charcoal-grilled chicken restaurant in Arlington, VA, winners of the 2016 ‘Dieta Cero-Auto Commuter Challenge’! ‘Dieta Cero-Auto’ was a two week friendly challenge directed to Hispanic businesses and their employees in Arlington with the goal of promoting sustainable transportation and the environmental and health benefits it provides for communities. Danny led her team at Super Pollo to compete against 15 businesses and over 147 employees. …

Interview by Andrea Becerra

Khalil Shahyd is a Project Manager of Urban Solutions at NRDC where he focuses his work on energy efficiency programs and environmental justice issues in rural and urban development. Shahyd’s passion for his work is infectious and it’s only natural that we would want to get to know him a little better. I asked him to tell me a little more about that initial spark that led to his commitment to environmental justice.

“My interest and involvement in social justice initiatives has been a significant part of my work for most of my life. It wasn’t…

Voices for Climate

Raising our voices to fight climate change. #Us4Climate

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