Erin, this is not about a world outside your self-proclaimed privilege…I live in Europe…white women…

Not that I would deny that women the world over suffer from many of the problems brought up in this article, but being white in America is very different from being white in Europe. Some European countries share our history of slavery and colonialism, some don’t. In some countries there is a privledge to having white skin, but I’ve heard from black Americans who have visited France, that they are treated differently (better) than African immigrants, so it’s not just a skin color bias. Being considered white in America confers a number of privileges, and Erin (if American) is right to acknowledge that privilege and be humble and respectful when commenting about this piece of writing by a black woman about the experience of being a black woman in America. Finding common ground is always good, but simply universalizing to all women downplays the particular strain of suffering and trauma that is found at the intersection of black (American) and female.