How to Play Using Vodi Lotto

Want a chance to win millions of dollars? Well, now you can with Vodi Lotto!
Below are the 4 Simple Steps to trying your luck!

How to Play?

Step 1: Go to or download Vodi.

Step 2: Pick your desired lottery and your lucky numbers!

Step 3: Select one of our numerous Payment Options and complete your purchase.

Coming Soon: VDX will be available to purchase lotto tickets at a MAJOR DISCOUNT

Step 4: Wait for the official drawings to complete and keep an eye on your email for the latest results as well as the My Tickets tab on!

How to know you won?

If your numbers happen to be winning numbers you will receive an email as well as be able to check under the “My Tickets” tab on your profile. If you win it’ll be clearly shown next to your ticket!

Claiming Your Earnings?

All the winnings up to $2500 are automatically transferred to your user’s account on our site.

If your winning is higher than $2500, please contact our support team immediately, because further steps may be required to pick up your prize. You will be informed about all the requirements via email.

About Vodi:
Vodi is the fin-tech app that offers global services and disrupts via conversational commerce. Our app serves as a digital marketplace for prepaid mobile plan top-ups, U.S. and international eGift cards, money transfer, in addition to offering free texting, calling, and video calling services. What’s more, Vodi disrupts the traditional flow of apps that offer these products by making them available within users’ chats via “conversational commerce”, suiting the habits of today’s mobile users and changing the way these products are distributed. Meanwhile, the Vodi Points rewards system lets users earn credit towards their Vodi purchases by simply using the app — they can “cash out” these rewards by redeeming them on Vodi’s in-app services and make a real monetary difference for themselves. Vodi is available on iOS and Google Play Store.

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Creating 100+ Million Jobs Worldwide | Democratizing Wealth Distribution:

Creating 100+ Million Jobs Worldwide | Democratizing Wealth Distribution: