Introducing Strategic Investor | 100&100 Venture Capital

100&100 Venture Capital joined as a strategic investor for Vodi X

Vodi X is proud to announce that 100&100 Venture Capital as one of the strategic investors in the company. 100&100 Venture Capital is an investment firm located in Seoul, South Korea that focuses on deep business with partners rather than just investing.

Following the major investment portfolio of 100&100 Venture Capital, We could find a true and healthy relationship with many valuable projects like ICON Network, IOST, Contents Protocol, BitTorrent, Cosmochain, and Terra. Based on their style and geographical advantage which they located in Seoul, South Korea, many projects keep in touch via face-to-face and map out a strategy together for future roadmap. We also will discuss how to stand with this sensitive market especially in Korea.

As said before, the direction that 100&100 Venture Capital is pursuing is to work deeply with one project, so that both the investment company and the project can grow together and create a synergy effect. 100&100 Venture Capital contribute to the project’s ecosystem via running node for several projects like IOST and Terra. We think this kind of partnership can be called true investment.

Vodi X is excited to build on 100&100 Venture Capital’s expertise and network to help exponentially Vodi

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