Next Steps: The Bounty Program

Our Bounty Progam came to a close on May 20th, 2019! Thanks to all of those who participated to earn VDX!

Next Steps:

So you’ve earned some VDX? What Now?

Here is the order of events that will happen between now and the time we send you your earned VDX!

Step 1: The Bounty Program Email

We will be sending out an email late July/Early August with specific details involving your earned tokens. Be sure to check the email you signed up to the Bounty Program with, as this will be the primary point of contact for claiming your VDX.

Step 2: KYC

Contained in this email will be a link to complete some simple KYC (Know Your Customer).

Note: You will need a valid form of ID.

This is used to validate your identity and that you comply with the Bounty Program’s Terms & Conditions:

Terms and Conditions

Step 3: Vodi Wallet

The Vodi Wallet will be launched in August allowing users to claim their VDX after KYC has been confirmed.

Once you receive your VDX you will be able to withdrawal it to other external wallets.

If you already hold VDX, you will be able to deposit it into your wallet and purchase Vodi Products & Services(Mobile Recharge, eGift Cards, Vodi Out, and future services within the App) as well as send VDX to friends and family within the Vodi Chat.

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