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Vodi X
Jun 20 · 3 min read

Vodi and BOLT have signed an HOA (Heads of Agreement) to better provide value to both of their users as well as emerging markets.

“We choose to explore this partnership with BOLT because both companies share the same vision of serving the unbanked and underbanked community. I am very excited for both our user-bases in this collaboration and the value added to both ecosystems.”
- Darren Lu, Founder, and CEO of Vodi and Vodi X.

"The collaboration between VODI and BOLT represents a substantial opportunity for both projects to significantly expand in vibrant markets and extend together worldwide. We are excited to partner with VODI as we focus our combined energies serving a wider range of users with high-quality content and features”
- Jamal Hassim, Co-Founder, and CEO of BOLT

Vodi X Team Member Jun Hao with BOLT Team Member Thomas Alexander

The Collaboration

Vodi and BOLT seek to add value to both of their unique user-bases through this strategic partnership. Over 5 million global Vodi users will be able to gain free access to BOLT’s high-quality live-streaming videos and exclusive content. For BOLT+’s 3.5M users (Located in: South East Asia and Africa), they will be able to enjoy the services currently available on Vodi such as text, voice and video chats, unique earning opportunities, money transfer services, Vodi Out, Mobile Recharges, eGift Card purchases, and an integrated voting platform for major events.

“Further to the Heads of Agreements dated 3rd June 2019 both Yuma and Vodi agree that they will look at cross selling and cross promotion opportunities between the BOLT and Vodi services. The focus on the collaboration is to ensure that users on both Vodi and BOLT are encouraged and guided to discover the service offerings on both. BPLT and Vodi shall continue discussions on developing a seamless joint product offering to consumers and will include amongst others a video and mobile data bundling initiative that has advertising and sponsorships as its commercial model. It is the intention of both BOLT and Vodi to provide this bundled service offerings to strategic markets.”
Jamal Hassim, Co-Founder, and CEO of BOLT

About BOLT
The BOLT vision is to be the largest mobile wallet in the world, powered by content. Powered by the Binance Chain and Zilliqa, the fastest Blockchain platform, its mission is to democratize the chain between content producers and users.

BOLT has existing partnerships with hardware manufacturers, premium content partners and telecom operator networks to bring the blockchain to the masses. This includes Hisense, International Cricket Council, Viki Rakuten, Al Jazeera, Digi, Maxis, and Zilliqa.

BOLT has 2 main products — “BOLT+”, a video streaming service, and the BOLT Wallet. BOLT will launch both products for mass adoption during the Cricket World Cup 2019 as an official broadcast partner of the International Cricket Council. BOLT+ is available now on Android and launching on iOS in the coming days.

BOLT is run by a proven network of digital strategists, venture builders and media veterans from some of the biggest companies in the world including Facebook, Coca-Cola, PayPal, Samsung, and Twitter.

About Vodi
Vodi is the fin-tech app that offers global services and disrupts via conversational commerce. Our app serves as a digital marketplace for prepaid mobile plan top-ups, U.S. and international eGift cards, money transfer, in addition to offering free texting, calling, and video calling services. What’s more, Vodi disrupts the traditional flow of apps that offer these products by making them available within users’ chats via “conversational commerce”, suiting the habits of today’s mobile users and changing the way these products are distributed. Meanwhile, the Vodi Points rewards system lets users earn credit towards their Vodi purchases by simply using the app — they can “cash out” these rewards by redeeming them on Vodi’s in-app services and make a real monetary difference for themselves. Vodi is available on iOS and Google Play Store.

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