Phase 1 Micro-Task POC Coming Soon

Vodi X
Vodi X
Jun 25 · 2 min read

We are excited to announce to the public that our Micro-Task Proof of Concept will be live next week!

This sets the stage for our Phase 1 Vodi Micro-Task and is the first look the public has into our development!

There will be 2 versions of our POC:

  1. Later this week we will release the user-friendly flow.

2. In the following week, we will release a sign-up form for our technical documentation.

What This Means For Vodi X

This means that we are one step closer to creating millions of jobs around the world with Phase 1 (Vodi Mirco-Task).

Our Micro-Work solution will leverage the blockchain and smart contracts to allow our users to earn VDX (Vodi X Tokens) for completing small tasks.

”Vodi Micro-task will create millions of jobs around the world. The POC is the first step on this journey. We look forward to the future and all developments to come.”
-Kevin Tran, Sr. Director of Infrastructure & Technology


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