September Monthly Update

Vodi is at it again with another month of innovation and additions to the dApp experience.

First, Vodi makes BNB payment accessible on Vodi. Paving a way for crypto to be the currency of the future and putting power in the hands of crypto users. You can use BNB to purchase all products and services on Vodi.

More winners are being awarded every week for participating in our Vodi Point giveaways. Thank you all who have been using Vodi and earning your points whether its voting, texting, or watching videos.

VDX is the future of micro tasking and on the forefront of dApp ecosystems. Users will have access to work, banking, shopping all within an app on their smart phones. Read more to learn about about the project.

We’ve added another currency to the fold with USDT now being available to spend on Vodi. This is one more step closer to Vodi being the top remittance app in the world. We now accept BTC, LTC, BNB, VDX, and more.

We have launched our money transfer promo. You can send money by texting from the US to 27 different countries across the world. Get your first 3 transactions free with promo code FREE123.

That’s it for this month’s updates. For more information click the links to all the articles mentioned. There is also links to our social channels and newsletter so you can follow along with more current updates from us. Thanks for being awesome!

-Team Vodi

About Vodi:
Vodi is the fin-tech app that offers global services and disrupts via conversational commerce. Our app serves as a digital marketplace for prepaid mobile plan top-ups, U.S. and international eGift cards, money transfer, in addition to offering free texting, calling, and video calling services. What’s more, Vodi disrupts the traditional flow of apps that offer these products by making them available within users’ chats via “conversational commerce”, suiting the habits of today’s mobile users and changing the way these products are distributed. Meanwhile, the Vodi Points rewards system lets users earn credit towards their Vodi purchases by simply using the app — they can “cash out” these rewards by redeeming them on Vodi’s in-app services and make a real monetary difference for themselves. Vodi is available on iOS and Google Play Store.

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Creating 100+ Million Jobs Worldwide | Democratizing Wealth Distribution: