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Vodi Points? VDX? What’s the difference? We hope this article will bring more clarity surrounding the subject and provide a deeper understanding of the utility of each.
First, before we answer what the major difference is, let’s explain what each is and why it is valuable to you.

Vodi Points

A Vodi Point is the green pin symbol with a ‘P’ in the center. Each point is valued at $0.001 USD and can be earned by using different products/services, referring friends, voting for events, making video/voice calls, and interacting with our promotions all within the Vodi App. When the points add up users can spend them on eGift Cards, Prepaid Mobile Recharges, International Calls, and much more.

Vodi X Tokens (VDX)

VDX is the golden coin image with our yellow VDX figure in the center. It is a cryptocurrency running on the ERC20 Blockchain. The token was listed during an IEO with Bittrex International in May and has since been traded across the board. VDX can be bought and sold on the exchanges Bittrex International, UPbit, and BiKi.

Buy VDX on Biki: https://www.biki.com/register?inviteCode=EETTVEE

Buy VDX on Bittrex International: https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-VDX

Buy VDX on UPbit: https://upbit.com/exchange?code=CRIX.UPBIT.BTC-VDX

What’s the difference?

The greatest difference between the two is that Vodi Points are only able to be earned and spent within the Vodi App Ecosystem. Vodi Points cannot be traded and are backed by a centralized currency (USD) that will not fluctuate in price.

VDX, on the other hand, can be openly traded on supported exchanges as a decentralized asset. VDX will be earnable on Vodi in the future once our Micro-Tasking platform has been integrated in Q2 2020 and used for Vodi’s products and services. On top of that, VDX will be a means of interacting with many dApps in Phase 2 of our development within our decentralized app marketplace

Both Vodi Points and VDX are valuable to our users and can be earned and rewarded by different means. Our hope and mission behind Vodi Points and Vodi X Tokens (VDX) is to provide new and efficient ways to work, communicate, and earn wealth globally for all users.

About Vodi:

Vodi is the fin-tech app that offers global services and disrupts via conversational commerce. Our app serves as a digital marketplace for prepaid mobile plan top-ups, U.S. and international eGift cards, money transfer, in addition to offering free texting, calling, and video calling services. What’s more, Vodi disrupts the traditional flow of apps that offer these products by making them available within users’ chats via “conversational commerce”, suiting the habits of today’s mobile users and changing the way these products are distributed. Meanwhile, the Vodi Points rewards system lets users earn credit towards their Vodi purchases by simply using the app — they can “cash out” these rewards by redeeming them on Vodi’s in-app services and make a real monetary difference for themselves. Vodi is available on iOS and Google Play Store.

About Vodi X:

The Vodi X Token (VDX) is the core of our Phase 1 and Phase 2 development.

In Phase 1 (Vodi Micro-Task), the Vodi X Token will be the equity earned and staked within our Mirco-Task solution. Vodi Micro-Task enables workers (Vodeers) and AI Companies (Vodiants) to have a clean and simple exchange of information for value (VDX). Companies will pay these workers in exchange for tasks needing human interaction and reasoning.

In Phase 2 (Vodi dApp Ecosystem), the token will be used to interact with a decentralized app marketplace. Developers will pay an amount of VDX to have their app displayed on the marketplace. Users will pay VDX to purchase these applications, creating a seamless, instant transmission of wealth. The developers will receive real-time payouts for the purchase of their apps. Furthermore, they will be able to leverage and interact with Vodi’s remittance based services (Mobile Recharge, eGift purchases, Vodi Out, and an Integrated Voting Platform).

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