Vodi X Welcomes Strategic Investor Nova Ecofund

Nova Ecofund joined as a strategic investor for Vodi X

Vodi X is proud to announce that Nova Ecofund as one of the strategic investor in the company. Nova Ecofund consists of Bitrise Capital, Consensus Lab, Chain Capital, Tron, QRC Group, China Blockchain Expert and 8 Decimal Capital.

The general partners of this Ecofund include Kevin Shao from Bitrise Capital, Kevin Ren from Consensus Lab, Simon Li from Chain Capital, Baolong Xu from TRON, Shin Huang from QRC Group, Vadim Krekotin from CBE and Zheng Wei from 8 Decimal Capital. Advisor for this fund is Jun Yu from OK Blockchain Capital.

Nova Ecofund Background

Nova Ecofund was incorporated this year and is a fund alliance with participation of the top leading crypto funds in Asia and beyond. The objective of this Ecofund is to not only invest in promising projects applying blockchain technology but to also support them in growing their business and increasing their competitiveness in domestic and international markets.

Vodi X is excited to build on Nova Ecofund’s expertise and network to help exponentially Vodi users from the current 5 + million to even more users over the next few years.

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