Mind The Gap(s)

There is a version of yourself that you don’t know yet.

The one where you are dead. Pity you can’t meet that version.

Would be pointless though right?

Nobody has died and lived to tell the tale. And neither will anyone. Unless Jesus comes back. Too many people have existed and died to comprehend what heaven would be like. It cannot work. Unless you are not aware of others when you are in heaven; there is a long list of assholes I don’t want to see again.

So, what is left?

A weird consciousness in space dust. That’s your best bet. One where you are unaware of your body.. a pair of eyes floating through the cosmos. For eternity? No thanks. Or you become a ficus and animals abuse you. Would be ironic.

Life can’t be all bad they say.

Sure. There are small moments where things feel ok. Little nuggets you hang onto.

It’s the rest of the time that is utter horse-shit. You can try and pick those moments, but there is zero guarantee.


Some cluster-fuck always comes and finds you, or you create it. Or someone creates it for you.

There is a high probability that most of the shit you endure stems from a singular catastrophe of sorts. A tipping point if you will. That snowballed into what is currently your life.

One moment where it all went sideways out the front door and it took the dog and the rug with it.

You are left standing naked in front of your demons, cupping your balls in shame and ridicule because you aint got jack shit to say. Curse yourself again and again for the same mistakes over and over. Telling yourself that this was the last time. Time and time again. How fucking dumb.

Don’t look back they say. Why not? The past is what got you here.

If you could choose to have never been born, or to live this life again.

Let me help you; Emptiness is better than nothingness.

Now that we are aligned you and I; Like stars racing across the sky, to an inevitable death.. Let’s burn baby, let’s burn.