How to design your future dream home using Pinterest

Why is Pinterest perfect for home decorating and design?

Remember when you used to tear pages out of magazines and place them into a folder or pin them onto an inspiration board to keep for when you eventually build or renovate your dream home? While we still advocate this as a great way of developing ideas, Pinterest has made this so much easier. While it is a popular source of inspiration for many different reasons, from weddings to travel planning, it couldn’t be more perfect for interiors. Every type of home is featured on here and is ready for you to save (pin) for later. Here’s how.

A sample of Vogue Living’s pins.

Step one: create your own Pinterest boards

Once you have created yourself an account you can create individual boards for different groups of images. Are you planning a bathroom renovation, kitchen extension or just want a place to daydream and visualise your ultimate holiday home? You can create separate boards for each project or idea.

How to create your own ‘boards’ on Pinterest.

Secret or not? Leave all your boards public for everyone to see or if you want to keep your clever ideas from your friends then make the board secret.

Who can add pins? You can add your partner, mum, sister, friend or interior designer as collaborators so they can add their ideas and you can keep it all in the one place.

Step two: give them a geographic location

Plan on having multiple dream homes? Manage inspirations for your Palm Beach holiday house, your Parisian apartment or your Melbourne mansion separately by their geographic location.

To add a map, go back to ‘create a board’, select ‘Yes’ for Map, then click on the Map and select ‘add a place’.

Pinterest uses FourSquare to add details for specific locations. eg. Palm Beach, New South Wales.

Giving your pins a location helps you sort and search for more relevant images.

You can also define the location for individual pins after you have pinned an image by going back to the pin and selecting ‘add a place’.

Step three: find inspiration

Aside from Vogue Living’s boards, which we can highly recommend as a source of interiors inspiration (of course!), when you first sign up, the lists of suggested boards and pinners is also a great place to start. Once you find a few you can also look to see who your favourite pinners are following for ideas. We’ve also compiled a list of ideas below.

See: Vogue Living’s favourite and most inspiring pinners to follow

Vogue Living should be your first source of interiors inspiration. Of course!

Once you are following someone their pinned images and repins will appear in your newsfeed where you can add them to your own boards.

Sometimes the best new discoveries come from ‘related pins’. These appear when you scroll down from an image you have selected to look at more closely or pin. This is a great way to seek out new pinners or boards to follow.

Pinterest also allows you to save down any image you see on any website. Just add a ‘Pin it’ button to your bookmarks bar to get started.

Step four: be specific

The search bar is a wonderful tool for finding your dream interior or person to follow. By using search terms like ‘all white living rooms’, ‘mid century dining spaces’ or ‘dream bathrooms’ a plethora of relevant images will appear.

Search and you will find.

Step five: pin to your heart’s content

When you find an image you like, pin it to your own board by selecting the red ‘Pin it’ button. You can choose to add your own caption eg. ‘Love this bathroom but not the towel rails’, or leave the caption that’s already on the image. Then, select which of your boards to add the image to.

You can create as many separate boards as you like.

Warning: you will now lose hours to this addictive activity. But your dream home awaits!


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Originally published at on June 24, 2015.

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