5 Steps To A Great Meeting

A free whitepaper on how to maximize a meeting.

According to Seth Godin, there are 3 types of meetings that take place:

  1. Information: Where attendees are informed about what is happening.
  2. Discussion: When the leader wants feedback and debate on a topic.
  3. Permission: When attendee feedback and input is requested.

Every great meeting begins with an understanding of the purpose. With that, you can achieve focus. Your job as a leader is to guide that focus and recognize if and when the meeting type is changing so you can guide it back to the original intent. As a leader of a meeting, you are responsible for the outcome.

That being said, the time spent in the meeting as well as after the meeting is truly the most valuable. If you can structure a meeting in the proper way, you can almost guarantee a higher level of success. We created a brief (and free) whitepaper that helps you understand the Anatomy of a Great Meeting to help you with the 5 steps necessary to have a better meeting.

You can download a free whitepaper by clicking here.

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