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  1. Democrats rejected the carbon tax the last time they had control.
  2. Democrats voted to confirm Alito. And Senate control, which Democrats will almost certainly have, will enable them to table any nominations indefinitely and reject recess appointments if they wanted.
  3. Obama has been fairly labeled the “deporter-in-chief”.
  4. The Democratic platform on infrastructure is woefully inadequate according to estimates from civil engineers.
  5. The Democratic platform favors high military spending. More than the next eight or so countries combined. The bipartisan Iraq and Afghanistan wars have resulted in over 210,000 civilians dead. The bipartisan cost is easily over $4T. The bipartisan upgrade of nuclear capabilities will cost over $1T.

You ought to pressure Democrats to adopt more preferred policies rather than focus on slandering them personally. You can do this by being critical of their policies, supporting proposals of other parties, and more. I’d recommend reviewing the CBO budget deficit reductions report and comparing that against what your party votes for/against. I think you’ll quickly realize how disconnected the Democrats are from progressives in this country.

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