Know Your Hate Groups
The Nib

It is outlandish to claim that the Revolutionary flags of Join or Die and Don’t Tread on Me are now hate symbols. By that logic, if someone holds up a BLM banner at such a rally it would lose meaning and become a symbol of hate. Simple appropriation does not confer ownership nor loss of meaning. People who have empathy for a diverse range of political opinions can realize how these flags show up at such rally’s — it isn’t about hate, it is about overreach of government and the practical necessity of political affiliation/representation. Forcing a Christian baker to bake a cake for a gay couple or (to give a counterpoint) forcing a Muslim gas station attendant to provide gas to a woman driver confers a loss of liberty. Libertarians are concerned with such issues, and the political right is more sympathetic to their plight than those on the political left who, in line with this comic, would rather just group them all under one banner and call them racist than acknowledge the legitimate concerns of the many different demographic groups that exist in this country.

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