“Advocacy for a no-fly zone is not the same as advocacy of war.”
Caitlin Johnstone

“Per definition it literally is.”

Per definition it is literally not. A no-fly zone is not the same as a war. In other words, A=A; B=B. A is not equal to B because it shares some elements with it.

“ Collaborating with Russia to create safe zones from jihadist factions is not even a tiny bit remotely the same as the no-fly zone the US government has been debating.”

Safe zones which could prohibit aircraft operations is not even a tiny bit remotely like a no-fly zone?

The case being made about the involvement of troops and increasing military operations is a fair point. And, for the record, I found her foreign policy experience and positions repugnant. The problem is that Clinton was saying that there would be negotiations with Russia in the creation of a no-fly zone. Her position conveyed that she would work with the Russians rather than impose one against their will.