There’s definitely plenty of blame to go around for this easily avoidable catastrophe.
Tom Christy

Sanders making one stop in the beginning of October (or Chelsea coming later) is not exactly a responsible campaign strategy. There are plenty of articles about the staffing shortfalls and neglect the campaign paid to Wisconsin and other states. Clinton was the first major candidate since 1972 to not visit Wisconsin during the general and 1972 was the last time Republicans won Kenosha. And we shouldn’t fault Greens near the top when Democrats didn’t vote or voted Republican in numbers that are orders of magnitude greater than the Green vote. And Greens aren’t single issue voters — they are concerned about free trade, which is an issue that Clinton is at odds with (not to mention that Union and working-class voters expressed those same concerns). And again, it comes down to exit polls, Green voters simply wouldn’t have voted had Stein not been running (I tend to agree with Nate Silver’s analysis). When given the choice between having voters stay home and having voters stake out their political-leanings, I’d take the latter. At least Democrats will have some knowledge about where people stand next election.

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