So just tell me what the Progressive Liberal end game really is, and DO NOT come back with the…

This post is filled with unsourced claims and generalizations. We should aspire to avoid such rhetoric in favor of more accurately supported descriptions.

Progressives don’t want to control people any more than Conservatives.

On global warming, progressives support policies in line with what active climatologists find in their studies, which is a national security issue and will ultimately reduce the existential risk posed to humanity. Progressives aren’t advocating the use of marshal law to take over industry to solve these problems. They are embracing both free market solutions (all three of these programs are proposed cuts by the current administration), like those embraced by Republicans, and more traditional regulatory policy. They take into account problems like structural unemployment, mitigating existing damage, and market failures. Honestly, the EPA does a pretty decent job of highlighting the nuisances of environmental legislation and the approaches legislatures can take.

On healthcare, we do have an expensive system but putting the blame on government or progressives is kind of inane. Here is an article from an industry insider addressing the problems of the current economic model that embraces fee-for-service. It also addresses ongoing changes. Although, it is worth mentioning what detrimental effects government can have. We are currently the leader in medical innovation, but that edge is slipping — in part due to things like the medical device tax.

On crushing debt, the payments towards the debt are roughly $220B annually or roughly a third of what we spend on Defense. It is significant, but crushing seems a bit of a stretch. Current trends are not sustainable though — I suggest individuals go through this exercise to see what programs they’d change to achieve sustainability in the long-term.

On the VA, it is difficult to make the case that their failures are unique to progressives given funding cuts made by conservatives here and here. We also shouldn’t forget legislation that was blocked by conservatives here, here, here, and here (to name a few). That’s not including the aspect of this discussion that deals with general cuts to SNAP, mental health programs, and other miscellaneous programs that have significant benefits for veterans. However, we should note that the failures of the VA aren’t solely within the purview of the federal government (let alone progressives or conservatives). Local management abused the system to earn promotions and bonuses for years before we knew what was going on. Overall, it seems like a pretty difficult case to make that the VA is the model Progressive program.

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