Emma Lindsay As a female minority from a Muslim country, I feel that my safety was compromised by…
Salma Sitara

“You are saying that I should feel that the decision to vote for Trump was not a personal attack against me but I disagree with that.”

I don’t think that is what the author was trying to communicate. The article did cite an example where voters might be weighing voting in a murderer versus a prejudiced a-hole — where essentially they have no choice but to vote against humanity in some way. However, the larger point being conveyed was that we ought not to demonize one another because it only further divides us and encourages violence. We are well within our right to feel attacked and angered — it seems especially appropriate in the wake of this election, but we shouldn’t allow that anger corrupt our resolve for a better world into hatred against others. Goodness, truth, and knowledge must persevere.

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