It’s great to be back on the campaign trail
Hillary Clinton

You should consider:

  1. Adopting a defense policy that reduces spending until we are in line with our allies.
  2. Adopting a foreign policy that avoids nation-building (a.k.a. American Exceptionalism) that we are exceptionally bad at (independent analysis shows about a 25% success rate).
  3. Adopting agriculture/farming policies/pilot programs to address climate change (i.e. vertical farming, cultured meat).
  4. Increasing commitment to infrastructure to be in line with what experts suggest (about $2T more than what you committed to).
  5. Abandon your profit-sharing scheme that will only create new ways to game an already rigged system. Repeal tax incentives for performance-based pay.
  6. At a minimum, remove limits on tax deductions for student loan interest payments. Consider partial easement of existing student loan debt.
  7. Adopt a hybridized model for SSA that pairs government-managed 401k-style retirement accounts with the current population-based model.