Baby Girl and her Dad

Baby Girl’s parents had a relationship breakdown before the she was born, and Dad didn’t have any contact with his daughter until she was 9 months old, when arrangements were put in place for supervised contact. Unfortunately though, there were no attachment between them as they hadn’t had chance to develop a relationship. Initially Baby Girl was hesitant to meet her Dad and she used to cry a lot. Poor Dad was so confused about what to do.

With the help of Voice of the Child, Dad soon learned to settle and reassure his baby and he also gained the skills required to engage and interact with her through age appropriate play, dialogue and body contact.

Within a few months, it was obvious that Baby Girl was developing a positive attachment relationship with Dad, as on arrival, she would smile, babble and open up her arms to reach for him and she became increasingly more settled, responsive and active during the sessions.

Source: Chugh

After 6 months of supervised contact and Voice of the Child reports to the courts, the contact has now transitioned to a handover (Mum drops Baby Girl at a agreed meeting point) and Dad takes her to his home where they spend 5 hours together before returning her back to her mother. This sessions are now held without support from Voice of the Child or any other external agencies.

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