A guide to the VoidBank Referral system

(Image: Void Bank Dev Testnet – Referral page)

All participants of the Void Glass dapp can activate and share their Referral links to earn a bonus 1% on all deposits to Void Glass. This bonus is included in the Void Glass entry free structure and applies to all tokens used when entering glass.

An overview of how Void glass works and the rest of the Void Bank dapps, can be found here: Medium post.

Once users have entered Void Glass with 100 shares or more, their Ref Link will be active. If a participant shares their Ref link while its inactive, the Ref won’t work and the bonus will go to the Void Glass Divs pool.

The Referral Link can be found towards the centre of the page. Copy this link and share it with your friends.

All Referrals who use your link will send you a bonus when they add to their glass shares. A history of this activity can be found towards the right side of the page.

If any rewards accumulate from a users Referral, they can choose to claim their bonus or reinvest it directly into Void Glass.

When participants of Void Staking use the “Transfer to Void Glass” function, they can also use a Referral link to pass on the Ref bonus from the entry fee they pay.

Users can copy the address from the referral link they are given and paste it into the “set referral” field. Follow this up by clicking the “set referral” button and signing the transaction that pops up.

Participants in Void Staking don’t need a Referral to transfer their void to Void Glass. This is optional and is a method of rewarding the person who Referred them to Void Glass

More info on Void Staking can be found over here: Medium Post.

The Referral system is an extra bonus for the Void Glass dapp. It’s not a necessity to use and wont effect how users participate and interact with the Void Glass dapp.

If you have any questions on how the Referral system works or any other part of the Void bank ecosystem. Head over to our Telegram chat and let us know.

- Void Dev Team



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