A quick guide to Void Treasury

The Void Treasury dapp is part of the Void Bank ecosystem. This particular dapp will be used to dapp drop a seeded fund of 1,000,000 Void!

Each day (every 24 hours), the Void Treasury will have 2500 Void for sale. 100% of the funds collected each day, go directly to the Void bank ecosystem.

(Image: The Void Treasury – Dev Testnet)

Each day users can participate in buying from the treasury fund. They do this by depositing any amount of Trx to the treasury.

NOTE: This deposit can NOT be recalled after the transactions made, please be aware of what you send!

(Image: The Void Treasury – Dev Testnet – Deposit’s)

At the end of each round when the timer hits zero, the available Void will be split and distributed to all participants.

Users will receive their share of Void, based on the share of Trx they deposit. An estimated can be found during each round on the left.

(Image: The Void Treasury – Dev Testnet – Round stats)

On the Right, Users can find the History list. After each round users may claim their Void from this list. They may also transfer their Void directly to Void glass at the press of a button.

NOTE: The Void Glass staking button is a function that reduces the number of transactions needed to move Void to Void Glass, reducing the excessive burn in the process.

(Image: The Void Treasury – Dev Testnet – History and Claims)

All Trx funds raised are distributed throughout the Void Bank dapps below:

  • 70% Goes to the glass div pool to be dropped slowly over time.
  • 5% Is sent directly to glass earnings and can be claimed instantly.
  • 25% Goes to the Void Investments pool to be invested each week.

As an example, if you spent 1000 Trx and the treasury receives 10,000 Trx that day. You would have bought 10% so you would receive 250 void of the 2500 available. (This doesn’t include voids 3% burn)

The trx raised would then be split like so:

  • 7000 Trx to the Void glass div pool
  • 500 Trx instantly to glass earnings
  • 2500 Trx to Void Investments fund

Based on the total seeded fund dropping at 2500 per day, the treasury is funded for up to 400 days.

Meaning the funds the treasury receives will go to the Void Bank ecosystem for the next 400 days!

This seeded fund is guaranteed to drop and will do so until its spent. Once the treasury fund runs out, Void Treasury will close.

Thats everything for Void Treasury. If you have any more questions or enquires about Void and its dapps, head on over to our Telegram.

You can also find more info on Void Bank, here: https://link.medium.com/jWhukzTkj7

Thanks for taking the time to give this a read.

- Void Dev Team



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