What is Void ?

(Image: Void Logo – Tron Deflationary Token)

Void was one of the First Deflationary Tokens to hit the Tron Blockchain back in 2019. Having lunched in early June, Void was set to be one of the biggest game changers to hit the tron ecosystem!

The token was originally used to address some common problems with its founding concept, Bomb Token. By bringing the concept to the Tron network, the Void team was able to utilise Trons faster, cheap transactions. This was perfect for Dapps to be built, which utilises deflationary tokens and their unique design.

Currently Void has a hand full of Dapps under its belt. With a large focus around it very own, Community Dev – Coded and Built, uni-swap inspired Dex. VoidDefi.io. The Dex was specifically designed to utilise the deflationary nature of the Void Token and reward those who stand behind the Dex.

(Image: voiddefi.io – First Void Exchange)

The current Development team works for the Void community, developing and building the Dapps that inspire the community every day.

We strive to develope the best dapps we can, focusing incentive building, project connectivity in the space and creating opportunities for the Void community.

The ambition to better the whole Tron ecosystem, is what we strive for in our development. We only want the very best for the Void community when using our Dapps.

A full copy of the updated Void White paper can be found here: Void White Paper – Updated 14th June 2020

(Image: Footer of Void White Paper – Updated 14th June 2020)

More info on the available Dapps for Void, can be found below:

The Dev Team is so excited and loves the community we work for, we look forward on building even more amazing Dapps in the future.

The Team works hard every single day for the Void community, to deliver the best possible Dapps and experience we can.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity, we hope we meet every Voiders highest expectations!

- Void Dev Team.



Void is dead. Move along.

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