What’s Void Staking and how does it work ?

3 min readJun 16, 2020


(Image: Void Bank Dev Testnet – Void Staking new home page)

Void staking is the very first Dapp released for the Void Deflationary Token. Opening back in 2019, the staking pool has slowly been seeded over time. Seeing a total of 2,500,000 Void seeded to the Divs pool to date. These divs have been rewarding all who stake their void. The only risk ? Voids 3% Deflationary burn!

So how does this all work ?

User can come to Voidbank.io, to stake their Void and receive Divs every hour. These divs are based on each users proportional share of the total Void staked.

The hourly payouts ultimately distribute 1% of the remaining seeded fund per day. This fund is guaranteed to pay out until its empty. Users can claim their divs at any time once dropped.

Once a user is staked, their Void is locked for a minimum of Two weeks. Restaking more, resets this timer to Two weeks.

(Image: Void Bank Dev Testnet – Void Staking, lock timer and stake)

When the lock timer is over, users can continue staking and collecting divs. At this point, users can unstake their void when ever they wish. (Note the 3% void burn)

Once unlocked, users may also unstake a part of their void, sending it to the Void Glass dapp. This reduces the transaction burn for those users who wish to transition directly to Void Glass.

If a user would like to reward the person who referred them to Void Glass, they can set the Ref link for transferring from Void Staking to Void Glass. Doing so will reward the referral 1% of the void you transfer to Void Glass and is optional. More info here: Medium Post.

(Image: Void Bank Dev Testnet – Void Staking transfer to Void Glass function)

Once the Seeded fund is empty, users can pull their stake and claim their divs… Although, this may take some time, since only 1% of the remaining fund is dropped each day.

This may give an incentive to those who stay until the end, given the price of void can change at any time and give more or less value to the remaining void being dropped.

Users may also find this beneficial and leave their void staked, waiting until the pool empties or for more people to pull their Void. This increases the remaining users overall share of the reaming staked void and increases their div return.

(Image: Void Bank Dev Testnet – Void Staking user stats)

In summary, the Staking Dapp will run until its empty. Users can get in and earn part of this seeded divs pool. No one user is earning from any other user, all divs are earned from the seeded pool. The only risk ? The 3% deflationary burn of Void.

Beyond this, Void Staking will do its own thing and run until its over. So enjoy the free Void and make sure to watch your burn!

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- Void Dev Team