Volata’s Evolution

Find Out About The Story Behind Our New Brand

Volata Cycles
Nov 20, 2015 · 3 min read
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Over the last few months we have made enormous progress in changing the traditional notion of the bicycle. During this period of evolution we have become aware that — even if we loved it — the design of our first brand didn’t reflect all of our values. This is where we started from.

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It was time to make some changes. And that’s what we did.

About two months ago we sat round a table with Jack Magma, an Italian agency which specialises in branding and UX/UI, with the aim of creating a new brand which would represent our true values and take the concept of the bicycle to a new level.

We wanted to create something that would leave a memorable mark on the “world of the bicycle”.

After an initial test to get an accurate idea of our core values (a detailed investigation carried on by Jack Magma with the aim of finding out what we are and what we want to be), thousands of ideas and endless — and enjoyable — brainstorming sessions, we found ourselves facing three different creative proposals.

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After a week of thinking, we decided to concentrate on the first one.

It’s evolution, baby!

Modern, cutting-edge, progressive, vibrant, dynamic: we saw our values reflected in this logotype, which makes you feel the acceleration and the speed inspired by its shape and the bullet. It’s as if the world of the bicycle is being torn in two. It’s the new which comes out of the past. It’s evolution.

Once the concept was validated we began trying out the brand on Volata’s frame. These tests immediately threw up some issues linked to the design, mainly caused by the way it grew, by its thinness and the sharp corners which could not follow the slim structure of our bicycle.

After reworking the concept several times, we finally arrived at a truthful version of the brand. The end result left us open-mouthed with amazement.

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And this is not it: we also added a standalone brand mark that would be usable in specific contexts.

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We got it.

We are really proud of the work we have done as it perfectly reflects our core values, and gives a true representation of who we are and where we want to go and what we want to achieve.

We can’t wait to show it to you on our bicycle and you won’t have to wait very long to see it! In point of fact, we are assembling our Beta Prototype right now and it will be ready very soon.

Get ready: the new Volata is coming!

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