Volata, the most evolved bike yet, is almost here

You won’t have to wait much longer

Volata Cycles
May 19, 2015 · 2 min read

You haven’t heard from us for a few months, but we’re back now with our first blog post. And yes, we’ll be posting all of our updates right here on Medium.

It’s been a hectic time here at Volata, but the progress we are making is unbelievable. Eight enthusiasts putting all their effort into creating something that doesn’t exist - yet. Everything’s happening so fast!

We are keeping up with our development schedule and hitting all of our milestones. It’s official: we are confident we will have our first prototype out by summer.

We expect to unveil Volata on our website in August.

What you will see will be our Alpha Prototype. It will feature all the functionality we’ve been developing from the start - plus a few unplanned extras. Some components may change by the time we go into full-scale production, however.

We’ll be updating this blog with more details to keep you entertained right up to the big day.

Try to catch the detail

We’re keeping our bike totally under wraps right up to the day of the big unveiling. But don’t worry: that day is just a few short weeks from this posting.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures of our team at work. You never know - you might catch a glimpse of something. Good luck!

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