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Jul 6, 2016 · 3 min read

Today is the day.

Volata was created with a big vision in mind: to persuade more and more people to ride every day. Given the fact that the bicycle is the most efficient means of human transport ever invented, we decided to make it better. We decided it had to be intelligent, so we built it a brain. It had to be fast but safe, easy to use but performant. And we made it as beautiful as it could be.

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that you can now reserve your Volata at $299.

We believe the best way to show you what your daily ride could become is to show you. Literally. Watch it here.

Introducing Volata, our vision and plans

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No bicycle in the market fits the needs of the demanding everyday riders. By focusing on the rider we’ve designed and engineered the evolution of the bicycle.

It’s a fact that frequent riders not only buy a bicycle, but also need to gear it up with several add-on accessories for both safety and performance — such as lights, computer, smartphone holder, horn, and more. They also buy a specific type of bike, and need to convert it into something more robust and versatile for commuting, or faster for their recreational activity.

And that isn’t just bad for the bike itself, which becomes an “accessories-holder.” It’s even worse for the rider, as it compromises the entire experience: from riding, to maintaining the bicycle, charging multiple accessories, batteries, and more.

With Volata, we’ve decided to fix this issue by focusing on user experience, performance, and design.

It’s all integrated

Volata is the perfectly-balanced bike for your everyday ride. With the full-integration of native digital features, mixed with a stylish Italian design and components that guarantee little to no maintenance, Volata is the ultimate ideal combination of sport and utility.

We engineered and designed every aspect of the bike around the rider’s needs. The result: a totally enhanced — and more interactive — riding experience. No more batteries to charge, chains to oil, and hassles to manage.

With this first model, we decided to enter at the high-end of the commuter bicycles market, defining a new standard for this category.

Our plans aren’t limited to that, though

Our master plan is to build a wide range of models, including affordably priced bikes for different markets, in order to bring even more people onto bicycles everyday.

This is because the overarching purpose of Volata is to help expedite the transition to sustainable transportation. We picked the bicycle as a means of transportation to improve, to demonstrate that cycling every day can be much better than it’s been so far.

We’re excited to make Volata available for reservations

Starting from today, you can reserve your Volata for $299. The final price is $3,499, and the balance will be due upon delivery. Deliveries will begin July 2017. We’ll soon start scheduling demo days, so you will finally be able to ride one.

We know it’s a little bit of a wait, but we don’t want to be like some companies that promise unrealistic delivery schedules. Ramping up production of hardware products takes time, and keeping quality high is our priority.

It has been an extraordinary process creating this bicycle, and something we couldn’t be more proud of. And this, is just the beginning.

Place a reservation of $299 now to be the first to ride a Volata!

Reserve yours, here.

The Volata Cycles Team

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