Welcome To Our Brand New ‘Milanese’ Offices

Bastard Store - Photo Credits: Giuliano Berarducci

November 2nd, 2015. Today, we put an indelible sign into the history of the Volata: we finally moved into our brand new ‘Milanese’ offices, which will be home to the design and development of our products.

We are so thrilled to announce that we have taken over a huge part of the Bastard Flagship store in Milan: one of the most eclectic and visionary architectural projects of the last thirty years. As you can see…

Credits: studiometrico

Designed by engineer Mario Cavallè in the 40’s, the building was originally a cinema, which was converted by the Italian practice Studiometrico in 2007 into the new Bastard Headquarters, the skateboarding company known all over the world, “proudly made by those lazy Italians” established in 1994. This architectural masterpiece — which was awarded “Building of The Year 2009” by ArchDaily — also includes the Comvert’s Bastard front store and warehouse, an astonishing co-working space, and Europe’s first indoor suspended bowl (yes, that’s right!).

In a nutshell: skateboarders dreamed of a place to work. But it was not just for them. Have a closer look…

Volata on the edge of the bowl. All rights reserved.

We rented this huge space in order to achieve our aim of keeping R&D, manufacturing, design, and the ‘craftsman’ production of the Volata in Italy (where most of our components are made), and more specifically in Milan: a major world fashion and design capital, a city which has a tradition of being passionate about bicycles.

That’s why we didn’t rent just offices, but also something we’re very proud of: a Creative Design Lab, where our engineers study and work, inventing both spirit and body of our products. The place where all the new Volatas will be born.

All rights reserved.

You can really feel a creative and vibrant atmosphere throughout this place. A place with a strong tradition in sports and fashion, in which breakthrough products that have shaped the skateboarding industry for years are designed. A place in which, from now on, products that will radically change the way you look at bicycles will be created.

For these and many other reasons, we couldn’t be more excited by the choice we have made!

All rights reserved.

Ps. If you are in town, come and meet us! Send an email to info@volatacycles.com, we’ll be pleased to welcome you, so that you too can feel the inspiring and dynamic atmosphere of this place.