Failure permits no alibi writes Napoleon Hill in his epic work “Think and Grow Rich”. It’s been a guiding light for me in the midst of my years studying corporate marketing.

“The winner never quits and a quitter never wins.” True that, Mr Hill.

So here I am putting this philosophy to the test. See, I’ve been out of school since May, thank God for that. It’s a miracle I made it alive. I felt like the dude in Clockwork Orange. I couldn’t put my own two cents into any of the curriculum. I was simply asked to find a correct answer out of selection of four possible answers … al of which could fit if one can argue a good valid point. “Raise your hand if you need any help clarifying anything” — the next thing you know she’s hovering over you, and after your logical question you get back: “You are thinking too much” — a standard response. School is a joke!

Any way … glad this school shit is over! It has taught me that I can achieve anything that I put my mind to. So I’ve decided to put my mind in helping local businesses compete with the very corporations that I was diligently been prepared to serve.

Well — fuck you, Mr Top-Hat. I’m gonna help those who need it the most!

I’ve been showering my mind with the information from “Think and Grow Rich” — and most of it has been an eye opening experience. I have jsut started to crack open the door into the reality of Hill’s writings — everything he says is true. I know that each day we choose moments from infinite multiverses that go on in each of our minds. Life is a mystery and deserves to be poked, experimented, pushed to the extremes, and explored! Today I landed my first client that I’ve tried all the new techniques from yet another book: “Pitch Anything” — @Oren Klaff is spot on!

In closing … follow me to see how I progress in helping local businesses as I travel the country. Or at the very least — read “Think and Grow Rich”