Slow motion collapse of the oldest modern Union.

Market diversity brings US government to its knees.

The sole function of any government is to regulate marketplace. However the government wants to package it to its people — its function behind the curtains remins the same regardless of propaganda. We may be under impression that the government is needed to regulate the economy and provide the security for its people.

It’s in the interest of the marketplace to have prosperity for it would grow on its own accord. We have come to understand a marketplace as a mind, a reflection of its players. As long as the players are kept on a leash — there will be no free market society as the founding fathers of the oldest democracy intended. The reason federal government was established was to regulate commerce between the state. Federal government also provided continuity among states to the constitution and consolidated military power to provide security of the sovereign territories of all the states within the union. Today — these functions have taken a different dressing.

Today’s US government is running a mock. The commerce is regulated to the heist bidder for a lobbyist. The constitution, which is interpreted by Supreme Court, is missing overseeing member; and consolidated military power is creating meaning of itself by needless provocations. The very fact that an average person like me can understand this — is a testament that it is collapsing.

This has occurred many times in history. The most recent one was USSR — while I can have a field day writing and drawing analogies, to save time I’ll go a little bit further in time. Spain.

During the time of conquistadors, Spain had broken the will of native population’s, weaned them off from their culture, and made it a standard for people to work absurd amount of hours in gold mines to satisfy the demand for this precious metal back home (Spain).

Today Americans fare better — but analogous to their enslaved predecessors, carry out similar functions. Let’s explore:

  • the will of the people is broken, it is now easier to complain and vent rather than do something about it
  • African Americans among other cultural segments (post civil war immigrants) have lost touch with their culture outside of its oppression and victim identity within historical context that is perpetuated in schools
  • US population has been made dependent on gas-based transportation. This bogus demand for oil creates meaning for US military to establish control over marketplace — the world.

Diversity to the rescue. Solar power, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, electric self-driving cars, etc — will rip apart homogeneous US marketplace that has been in control of Federal government since the end of WWII. Notice how none of these variable are a part of 2016 election cycle. It isn’t part of a conversation because much like during the collapse of USSR — no one saw it coming.