Hello, my dear diary..

Well, one more week has passed. Speaking honestly, it was really difficult time. I’m really tired and have no energy to do my homework, but I must. So, SVETA, COME ON! PLEASE, GET UP FROM YOUR BED, NO MATTER HOW BRILLIANT IT IS!


During this week (all bad(-) and good(+) things):

  1. (+) Firstly, I had the second PE lecture. It was rather interesting. I happy, that I need not running for 1,5 hour 😂
  2. 2. (+) I knew much new information on my English classes. I’m getting shocked sometimes from the huge amount of rules and facts which we learn every day. I begin thinking, that it’s unreal to remember all of it, but I’m trying.
  3. 3. (-)I’m frustrated that I haven’t answered on my history seminars yet. I need being more bravely and put my hands up more quickly. But I’m grateful for Valya who supported me on Friday😅
  4. 4. (-) I think, I failed my dialog on Thursday. Maybe my mistake was that I stayed the preparation for the last day. I think, I have some problems with my time management. I try to do all homework in advance, but it’s not going as I want it to be. I’m going to make a schedule, maybe it will help me.
  5. 5. (+) I had the FIRST Russian language seminar. IT WAS REALLY COOL! We have an amazing faculty member! I was enjoyed the class very much.
  6. 6. (-/+) I don’t know that to say about my Alaska presentation. I think, it was 50/50. From the one hand, I was trying to make an interesting and bright power point presentation. From my point of view, I made it. But my speech…I was panic and forgot to say many important facts! I can’t to explain why I was so panic. I began to rush and speaking so quickly, that I’m afraid it was difficult for others to understand me. I had written all on the paper, but it didn’t help me. It was impossible to find anything exactly, because there were to much information on a paper list. Conclusion: I will write a short plan about all the spheres which I need to mention in the next time.
  7. 7. (+) I continue to read my pleasure reading book. I can say it’s unpredictable. I don’t know what to will happen next..I’m intrigued.
That’s all I’d like to tell you about my study process, but not about me and my life.

I wrote that I would tell you one fact about me in every week post, so:

One of my favorite singers is Max (Корж). I went for his concert last weekend. Speaking honestly, I DON’T HAVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT EVEN NOW!


It was my second time when I was crying because of positive emotions. HE WAS SINGING MY LOVELY SONG! And during these 4 minutes I WAS CRYING! And I couldn’t stopped. All my friends were smiling and speaking that it was really cute…

I was so happy on the 15-th of October. I will never forget this day!

He is so handsome 🔥😻🤷‍♀️😸💛💯😂

Thank you for your attention,

Your Volchs ❤️

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