Hello, my dear friends!)

«It is not as scary as it might seem at first»

It is a phrase that describes this week.

Yeeeeees! It was a pretty good time🔥

Let’s begin:

  1. Firstly, we had our first seminar with Dr.Bronich. We were so afraid of it. Our arms and knees were shaking with fear (!really!) But everything was ok:)

I think, we all understand that she doesn’t ask something colossal. We should learn the topics attentively and prepare interesting power&point presentations. That’s all.

I believe, that I will find strength to raise my hand and answer. Please, Sveta, please! You MUST! JUST DO IT!

2. Secondly, we wrote our midterms. Well, I don’t know the results yet, but I hope everything will be good. I feel that my first test was worse than the second one. Anyway, I tried to do all possible to pass it.

3.Thirdly, we didn’t have our PE class on Thursday. I’m so grateful for it! I had a chance to meet my old friend whom I missed very, very much. We were walking, eating and talking, talking, talking about everything. Our little journey was a seventeen kilometers long😋

(Maybe these positive emotions helped me on my Friday test, who knows)

Vivienne and I are the winners of the BLOG challenge. Yyyyeeeeaaaahhh🔥

Viki, I congratulate you:)

And thank you, Miss Kate, for books you gave us! They’re amazing!

I’m going to read it during my summer vacation😻

Well, my future plans are:

The New Year holiday is coming! And speaking honestly, I’m waiting for it very much. But, of course, before our winter vacation we must work as hard as possible. It will be difficult four weeks… I’m a bit afraid, but I’m trying to stay positive.

I’ll do it!

That’s all for today,

Thank you ❤️

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