Hello, my dear friends!✋🏻✋🏻

It’s me again and no, I’m not going to write about the blog challenge. Just some my thoughts.

There were a few cool moments during the last week and I want to share them with you❤️

Firstly, our faculty member Miss B returned from Malaysia. We missed her so much. She presented us an American popular candy. I haven’t tased it before, but now I can say – IT’S DELICIOUS😋

Secondly, we celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday. Our 102 group had participated in such university event for the first time. It was amazing! We prepared and I think that we performed successfully. Dr. Wei you were great! And we all are very proud of you!😻

It was very atmosphere and warm day. We were smiling, laughing, eating different food and even dancing.

I cooked pancakes, but they weren’t very tasty. ( Well, the opinions were different) Anyway, I will try to develop my cooking skills😅

Also we made our first almost group photo. (Unfortunately, without Karina😓) But we felt her support in a distance.

Also I went for the first dance class. It was a little bit difficult, but very and very cool! I can’t wait for the second class!💃🏼Thank you Джуlia for the company and anita we are waiting for you! 👯

Some bad news because I’m Sveta and my life is a zebra.

Black 🔜 white 🔜 black 🔜white

Well, we had our third presentation and I think that I failed it again. I don’t understand why. I was preparing for it, but when I went to the blackboard I forgot everything. I begun to rush, made mistakes in grammar and pronunciation.

I’m afraid of next week. It’s going to be really difficult. We will have midterms, latin class, history seminar and our first seminar with Doctor Bronich. I’m in PANIC about it!

But we should believe in the best.

That’s all for today,

Thank you,

Your Volchs❤️

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