Hello my dear friends!👋🏻

Time flies so fast. A new week — a new topic. Here we are again. Are you ready?)

Our new topic will be especially interesting for girls because it’s connected with beauty and appearance💅🏼👄💁🏼

Hair, body, clothing.

And today I want to tell you about hair. I learned many new words. For example:

Hair color:

  • Auburn
  • Strawberry blond
  • Ash blond
  • Platinum blond
  • Chestnut

Hair cuts — the most popular ones (right now)

  • The tousled lob
  • The long pixie
  • Curtain Bangs
  • Bangs and bobs


Perm — химическая завивка

Ponytail — хвостик

Pigtails — два хвостика

Braid — косичка

Crew cut — мужская короткая стрижка

Goatee — козлиная бородка

Layered hair — лесенка, каскад

Dreadlocks — дреды

Cornrows — африканские косички

Do you like the appearance changes?

As for me I pretty quickly get tired of the same hairstyle. That’s why I have changed my hair style at least five times in the last year. And who knows maybe I will do it again soon😏

Of course, I’m just teasing. I decided to give my hair some rest😅

Actually there are two reasons why I’ve made so many experiments:

  1. My mother finished the hair dresser school so she can easily dye and cut my hair. We have a huge amount of different hair-dye in our home.

There was one time when we were just drinking tea on the kitchen when my mom said that she had bought new colors and she wanted to try them. Three hours later I was blonde. My father and my dog were shocked😂

2. I’m only a teenage. Well, I’m a young adult but anyway I’m looking for my own style now. And I’m sure that I will find it soon. I hope that one day I will look at my reflection in the mirror and I will say that I look gorgeous.

I think that hair is very, very important. When I like my hairstyle I feel confident.

If you’re not sure that hair cut you want to have you can try to use special websites. You can put different actor’s hair cuts and see will it suit you or not.

I did it. You can see the result here. Unfortunately I don’t have any photo on the white background, but…

Anyway I had FUN😅

Most of all I liked the last one. I’ve been thinking about cutting a fringe for a long time. What do you think? Does it suit me?😂😂😂

In conclusion I can say that changes are always a good idea. You should always try everything. Because if you don’t try you will never know.

With big love,

Your Volchs❤️🐰

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