Calling Bounty Ninjas

“Venue” is a bounty platform for — The Volentix Project -

Q. What is a signature campaign?

In some forums, members will be offered a space reserved for the member’s “signature”. This space is where a member can express themselves. A signature campaign is a great way for the community to express support for projects which they appreciate or see value in. The signature will show up under all posts for that member. A “signature campaign” allows the user to utilize this space to support interesting projects and in turn earn a bounty for showing that support.

Q. Where is the first Volentix bounty campaign going to take place?

The first signature campaign will be geared towards One of the best and largest cryptocurrency related forums on the internet. We will manage other types of campaigns for sites such as twitter, facebook, telegram, steemit, youtube, etc. We also have plans for task related earnings/bounties as well as third-party proposals.

Q. Why did you get involved with the Volentix project?

How could I not? After speaking with the team that was already in place, it was pretty clear that they were out to change the world in some fashion. I wanted to be part of what Volentix is doing and I really liked the intensity of the people I met related to the project.

Q. What are the goals for the Volentix signature campaign?

To enroll users in the platform, distribute VTX and spread awareness about The Volentix Project. While Venue is a tool to help onboard community members who find the project interesting, the main goal of Venue is to express our understanding that any project IS the community. Venue is a way that Volentix is rewarding and giving back to those that offer support for what is being built.

Who can participate in the signature campaign ?

Inclusiveness is what we strive for, meaning everyone! Being able to earn VTX through bounties is an important way to start public distribution and also to spread awareness about Volentix. We have the signature component fully automated on Venue for Hero, Legendary, Sr and Full Member accounts on and everyone else will need to register with a bounty manager to participate through forms on the bounty thread. By the time Venue transitions into it’s best self as a platform, EVERYONE who has a voice on any associated social media site, will be able to benefit from the features that Venue will offer and it will be fully automated and open source on our github.

Q. When are you rolling out the bitcointalk signature campaign?

This beta campaign is scheduled for Sept 06 2018 and will run 6weeks.

Q. What are some of your future goals?

Future goals include doing my part in offering the best decentralized solutions with maximum utility for the Volentix community. If anyone wants to get involved, they should join the telegram channel and speak to a moderator or tweet @volentix on twitter.