Perspective from years of using jQuery and switching to Vue.js

Why using jQuery? Why bothering? Isn’t it dead? Isn’t it way to messy? Is it still being used in nowadays projects? Is it still…

and so on and on…

jQuery is still alive and as far as I know it’s doing fine:

Encrypting database with Doctrine and Symfony

As much as personal data should be kept private, there are some rare case where for some reason we must have access to them in public services. I have my own private project for managing personal data (with source code accessible here), but I’ve came to the situation where due to my incoming mobility I simply must have access to my personal information in other places.

There are few solutions for such problem naturally, like 2 came to my mind instantly:

  • moving the files / information on laptop,
  • having access to the data over…

Based on hierarchical structure of categories (parent / child relations)

There are tones o ways to build nested menu structure, where one are simply hardcoded arrays and other rely on… recursion — and that’s the solution for current “code case”.

“Can You actually use recursion in Vue.js template?”

The thing is… that You actually can and it’s pretty simple to do it.

I’m simply converting this database structure:

How to handle Vue.js request within Symfony as normal form submission

Symfony provides us the symfony/form package which makes handling of rendering and submitting forms easier than ever. Soon this will become even easier with new “Form handler helper”, but that’s not the point here.

What annoyed me when I first started working with Vue.js was the fact that I pretty much like need to say “goodbye” to the forms rendering directly in the Twig (which is very handy).

I’ve started searching for some “form generators” packages for Vue.js. There are few, but so far I didn’t liked any of…

Authenticating users in Symfony — with Vue.js as frontend framework

In this article I will skip the Symfony authentication process as this can be found in the official documentation (it’s more about presenting the solutions in case of using Vue.js):

JWT Token based authentication — does it have to be this way?

Vue.js allows us to either create a SPA (Single-Page Application) or to be used in form o hybrid where we can inject the components into already existing code or use Vue.js as an extension of current frontend code (In which…

i18n replacement — small Symfony based implementation

Whenever You try to search or ask for support of translation mechanism for Vue.js pretty much like everyone / every article is going to point on i18n. I gave it a small chance since “Hey it’s so popular, it must be the thing”, however I have to say that i18n removal process goes pretty smooth.

What i dislike about i18n is the fact that there is documentation for configuring the plugin. “I mean, there is a documentation so it’s good right?” — well yes and no. The thing is that what I expected…

Symfony comes with the “out-of-box” routing logic, which works flawless when using it in PHP or in Twig. However… once the frontend control is fully handled to the Vue.js (SPA), the solution for passing the urls to the JavaScript is no longer an option.

The official idea / way of passing the urls has been described in the Symfony documentation in section Generating URLs in JavaScript”, which is simply:

const route = "{{ path('blog_show', {slug: 'my-blog-post'})|escape('js') }}";

With new project (or more like extension of an already existing project), I started to wonder if there is actually a…

After finishing my project almost fully written as SPA (Single Page Application) by using Vue.js as frontend and Symfony as Backend, I’ve decided to grab one of my projects and continue exploring Vue.js (memorizing and learning more about it).

This time however I wanted to give a try to other approach:

  • using Vue.js as a wrapper for frontend (which means that the frontend logic was/is suppose to be controlled by Vue),
  • Symfony is being used used as a backend alongside with rendering the templates in Twig

The long story short — does it work?

While the simple answer is yes

Dariusz Włodarczyk

Hobby frontend / backend developer — author of Personal Management System. |

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