It’s been 2 months since VOLT has been launched. As you know, we are in an ever-exciting growth and have already gathered a community of over 17k holders. VOLT aims to be the people’s coin and we are working day and night to constantly offer you new features and utilities.


In order to increase VOLT INU’s exposure and to offer the best possible experience to all our holders, we have already been listed on 4 different CEXs, and we won’t stop there! Starting tomorrow (Monday, February 21), we will be proceeding with our 5th CEX listing on Bitmart!

Making VOLT INU a token accessible to everyone and offering countless utilities to its holders is what really motivates us. With this in mind, we have partnered with Crypto Cart. Thanks to this partnership, VOLT holders can now use their tokens to buy real-world goods from 1,700+ suppliers.

As you probably already know, we have also partnered with Wolverinu to include our character in their upcoming p2e game. This will allow VOLT INU to benefit from a great exposure and to be featured in their upcoming events. You will soon discover more about it.

Moreover, thanks to our flourishing NFT portfolio and our growing treasury, we have already been able to buy back 160 ETH worth of VOLT in just two months!

VOLT INU is the people’s coin, so it’s no surprise that we are also the official sponsor of the 2022 Parck City Farmers Market! This market which is held every year in one of the wealthiest US city has honored us to be its sponsor. Our logo will be viewed by tens of thousands of people during the event thanks to its presence on the shopping bags, on the market banners and on a fleet of vehicles. If you live in Utah, be proud to be part of the VOLTARMY!

As you also know, we have a long-term vision for VOLT and are thinking big. We could go on for hours about the massive achievements of the past two months. However, we are far too excited about what is coming in March and are happy to tell you more about it in this article.


If you’re part of the VOLTARMY, you know that we’re hard at work on our p2e game. As you may have guessed, the game is soon ready to be unveiled. With this game, we’re looking to bring a brand-new utility to our token. And it will be a massive one this time! Indeed, in addition to preparing an attractive and addictive game, we really wanted to offer an additional innovation/utility.

You know us, we like to keep the suspense going. That’s why we won’t tell you more about the game itself. Just be prepared to squeal the tires in some wild runs and watch out for the police!

That said, to get you ready and especially to spread the news around, here are a few things you should know about this new utility.


We aim to be as original and as close to the people as possible. That’s why we couldn’t conceive the creation of a game only for recreational purposes. Our game will indeed propose a mechanism that will reach absolutely every other crypto project: altcoins, memecoins and even NFTs.

Indeed, in addition to offering an individual ranking in which the top players will win individual cash prizes, each player will have the ability to enter the name of a project for which he ran. He will then bring points to his project according to his individual ranking.

Thus, the more players (and especially good players) a project has, the higher it will be ranked.

Don’t worry, VOLT will of course also be one of the options, but it will be treated in the same way as the other projects.


Let’s get to the interesting part! What makes our future game a pioneer is that it will allow other projects to benefit from it. Indeed, the winning project of each round will win a buyback & burn (or a swept and burned floor if it is an NFT project). This will be done by VOLT with all the funds collected during the round. Due to the uncertainty about the number of participants in the first round, we will guarantee a minimum buyback of $10,000 to the winning project in this round!

Our aim has always been to include as many projects as possible in our development. We are therefore glad to be able to bring a concrete benefit to the projects that support VOLT INU the most!

Now we need you, VOLTARMY! Help us spread the word and get our unique concept out!





VOLT is a supercharged Inu reviving the true crypto spirit ⚡️🌕

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VOLT is a supercharged Inu reviving the true crypto spirit ⚡️🌕

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