The Life and Times of a Conservation Volunteer

About four and a half years ago, I had an interview. Not just any interview, an interview to become a volunteer. Yup, interviews are necessary to be accepted into the world of non-paid volunteerism.

During the interview, my future volunteer boss (Kevin) wanted to know from me, face-to-face, why I wanted to volunteer for the Conservation department. He had already seen my resume. He also knew I had turned down an interview for a moth trapper position because I got hired for a different position (outside the industry). Ultimately, he liked what I had to say. I remember snapshots from the experience, but nothing I said was earth-shattering. What did seal my fate was hobby photography.

I am now the event photographer, although in action only. My title is still Volunteer Naturalist. I have been trained to give presentations on conservation-related topics for pre-school children to adults, although I prefer taking promotional pictures and posting them on the photo-sharing site.

This hobby, as a volunteer photographer, is unconventional. I’d like to share trials and tribulations of a this lifestyle. I will warn you: it’s humble — I am not administering life-saving drugs or rescuing babies from burning buildings. Some may see this hobby as mundane. However, there must be someone out there that is curious what we do and how we spare time in our already busy lives.

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