On dating men with “potential”
Christy White

Speaking as a self identified loser, I feel I can accurately say that this article is shallow and pedantic. JK. I really don’t care. People will rationalize whoever they want to be with.. saying the are a “loser” or “has potential” or whatever means nothing. It’s something to say, that people will easily understand, a lowest common denominator that is so broad and subjective in means absolutely.

Sure it’s a bit sexist to simply point out only “men”, but like feminists (#NotAllFeminists) who only see in XX chromosomed glasses, people should take a deep breath, relax, and think “what are they really saying here, not how can I make this about me?” (see joke above). This is from her perspective, and this is what she knows.. she can’t speak for “women with potential”, the same way a Sherpa from Tibet can speak about the Inuit in Alaska, but if you adapt for your own perspective, the advice can be universal. Pointing out the assumed hypocrisy is ignoring the real point of the article; the justification of seemingly dead end relationships, that sometimes.. most times, if you’re not getting what you want out of relationship you should be true to yourself, and stop pushing your will unto others. If a person wants to change, they will change on their terms... you can help, but ultimately it’s the surest sign of egomania to believe you can change someone simply because you see a “better life for them”. (At least.. that’s what I got from it, even if Christine didn’t touch on it.. )

No ultimatums. No hand wringing. No “what ifs….?”. Your time is better spent on you controlling you, not you controlling other people. If the person changes into the person you are attracted later own, fantastic! You can still “be there for them”, you can still “believe in them”.. support them in anyway you can, but the energy you’d spend on loving them… is better spent on someone who doesn’t have that potential, they are kinetic, they have that energy that both supports you and then is refracted and reflect back on to them.. and so on. Hopefully, they don’t think you’re the one with potential.

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