Bye, bye Adobe.
rami james

Congratulations, I did it 2+ years ago, I couldn’t stand such abuse anymore. This is my new toolbox:

Video: Final Cut Pro X (This thing was built out of unicorn blood and fairy dust), Color Finale, Motion, Compressor and Blender. As for Adobe Story, I write my .fountain on Slugline and Highland which is a million times better anyways.

Photo & Design, this killer apps: Affinity Design, Affinity Photo, (Affinity Publisher on 2016) Pixelmator, iDraw, Macphun Pro Suite and Pixave. For Illustration Mischief is the way to go IMO. Haven’t used Sketch extensively but some friends love it.

Web: Macaw (Desperately waiting for Macaw Scarlet) Textastic, WebStorm, Coda and Hype 3. I still use Muse from time to time for some legacy projects because I’m too lazy to re-do them.

Sadly there is no true replacement for Aperture yet, and I’m resisting to go back to Lightroom, because after using Aperture for so long, Lightroom feels just awful and Windows like, and again, If I haven't shoot for awhile I’ll still have to pay a subscription. Fuck that. I’ve tried DXO but nope. On the Open Source side Darktable & RawTherapee are both awesome apps, but I wouldn't bet on them for my professional work. Currently I have my eye on Capture 1.

Quitting Adobe has been one of the best choices I’ve made, not just because it was liberating, but it allowed me to discover a hole new landscape of amazing apps built by Devs that actually care and are very aware of the year we are living, taking advantage of the new technologies instead of adding unnecessary gimmicks on top of old code like Adobe does.

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