Potential in the Social Enterprise Network: An Opportunity Business Leaders are Rapidly Capitalizing On

Today as we know it is becoming immersed in the digital realm. From operating our account profiles on social networks, to contacting our friends, family, employees through some kind of technological agreement, our methods of communication are becoming faster and easier to use. The benefits do not stop in our personal spheres, but are also seen in the business world, showing signs that businesses that are willing to operate with a more advanced intranet are increasing revenue, decreasing costs and continually improving their company’s profitability.

Take for instance a marketing consultancy, in which a number of employees collaborate to solve issues on particular company projects. They realize that to operate more efficiently in today’s day and age, they are required to communicate on digital and technology-based platforms. However, their means of distant communication and collaboration is based on simple individual emails and reply-all threads. Rather than devoting large amounts of time to efficiently focusing on their projects, they spend countless, distracted hours a year searching and gathering information from their chaotic cluster of email discussions. A large portion of their time is lost to this issue, and productivity diminishes as a result. Business leaders realize that wasting time is wasting assets, and that they must recognize a better platform to succeed in their respective industries and increase their organization’s value.

Today, our business leaders are searching for opportunities to grow, cleverly partnering with leaders in technology to make their companies digital-first organizations. These technological experts are creating optimal intranets that encourage employee collaboration, connect people to advantageous resources, and are making good use of the tools associated with enterprise social networks. They are superseding their old one-way communication pipelines and disengaged worker collaboration with a single interactive intranet that can empower your own workforce to deliver the proper results your company deserves.

How do Intranets Unlock Value?

The value highly interactive intranets provide is an all-inclusive sense of connection between employers and employees that permits greater communication and collaboration. Developing an internal network amongst all workers who maintain a digital presence, frequently interacting on their intranet, cultivates a stronger connection between all those digital assets. Those connections create a linkage effect that greatly proliferates the value between each individual interaction.

Once these connections are created between individual employees, groups, and digital spaces, horizontal and vertical communication along with ideas and buried but helpful content will flow smoothly throughout the organization, allowing people to access the company’s assets more productively. The IDC reports that the return on investment for improved access to information ranges from 38% to 600%, a fantastic margin for companies to take advantage of. Everyone can steadily engage under a common culture and do their part to achieve their companies’ aspirations and at their own specific roles within the organization.

Technological experts are only taking the first few steps to digitally improve a company’s operating capabilities after connecting a company’s employee assets and improving communication between them. But to completely maximize a company’s operating value, its intranet must exceptionally provide a platform in which employees can successfully work together to innovate and problem-solve. A technological business partner must integrate both structured and emergent collaboration into a single platform, in which employees can cooperate together to reach a shared goal. Only then can we all say that the company’s digital advancement produced new value and more progression for that organization as a whole.

Many businesses are actualizing their dive into the digital movement in order keep up with the pace of their competition. To do so, businesses are either refining their old platform by adding key intranet improvements or moving to a new, highly collaborative program that already includes the critical capabilities to become a front-runner.

Either way, it’s time to digitalize your firm for the better.

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