The “Social” in Voogy’s Social Collaboration

Social networks are great for connecting people and reinforcing existing relationships. However, from your employee’s perspective, social networks reveal a significant importance in promoting large enterprise searches since no cluster of information will be organized into a convenient document available at will. It’s only to a company’s delight that shortening this search process will be to your benefit.

The only efficient approach to finding answers to your questions is connecting with people that have your answers, and providing a platform where an organization’s employees can share data seamlessly.

One social collaborative tool that allows companies to search, share, and discuss across their entire organizations is Voogy. This platform provides lots of different ways for people to navigate from people within the organization to content or from content to employees, erasing the time spent endlessly searching for an answer to their question. With Voogy, one can associate their profile with any other social network profile, such as their accounts with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. That way, people can find each other across social platforms and ask questions regarding their expertise with an easy click. So, it’s essential to develop a familiar user interface with most of your employees’ social profiles, rather than accessing a social enterprise network and getting a completely different picture of whom the person you wanted to contact is.

Social software tools like Voogy have offered various integration strategies allowing the embedding of apps with social features and a “social layer” of commenting and sharing within other enterprise apps. However, Voogy is one of the few that is unifying the aggregate profile information and feeds across all of an employee’s identities. That way, your employees can efficiently navigate in search of their answers, and spend less time unnecessarily struggling to remain a productive employee.

Additionally, employees can actively participate in their Groups on Voogy and effectively share useful information from their social networks to their peers and coworkers with Voogy’s tools. Voogy allows employee Groups to share wiki pages, articles posted to Facebook, useful Twitter news, etc. in order to promote a social culture in which people can share constructively while remaining in productive collaboration.

When individuals discuss “social” technology for business, they mainly suggest that it should feel natural to work with and have a modern user interface. But they also want to search and connect with other employees, in an efficient and productive way. Voogy, a leader of the enterprise social networks, allows you to see for yourself where another employee’s expertise and talents lie in an easy-to-use interface. It can be the most propelling tool to digitalize and increase productivity within your growing company.

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