These Starry Nights are Smarter Than They Look

What do you see after you scan it with the VorVision app?

You might think you’re familiar with Vincent Van Gogh’s classic painting Starry Night. But this image has one key difference: this “smart” version of Starry Night is embedded with an invisible layer of code, scannable with the new VorVision app on the App Store or Google Play. Read on to see what it can do!

The Old School Way

The world of bar codes and QR codes is coming to an end. Tagging a product with a recognizable code compromises the design integrity as a whole, not to mention limits function. This “smart art” strategy expands a brands’ marketing capability to speak to and engage the consumer in a brand new way. Suddenly, a hangtag or magazine ad serves another purpose: to educate, entertain or incentivize.

A whole new response with a second “smart” image.

Changing Games

VorVision’s technology extends far beyond Starry Night. Every scan is tracked, but unlike the process of scanning a QR code, VorVision’s technology allows for serialized and geolocated tracking. And the possibilities are endless; a custom text, video, website or augmented reality (AR) response can be catered to any audience. VorVision codes can also be used for authenticating items, preventing fraudulent or counterfeit activity. It is a top down brand technology, designed to ultimately protect the consumer.

The new VorVision app is available on the App Store or Google Play. For more information, go to